Configuration vulnerability could leave SAP systems open to compromise dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-04-26 15:23:50

A vulnerability arising from the default installation of popular business management platform SAP could lead to a full compromise of the system say researchers. SAP security and compliance specialist Onapsis has revealed the flaw which is found in SAP Netweaver and can be compromised by a remote unauthenticated attacker with only network access to the system. Driven by a security configuration...

North Korean leaders abandon western social media dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-04-25 17:11:15

Chances are you're not currently friends with Kim Jong Un on Facebook. And it's not likely to happen any time soon according to researchers at Recorded Future who have been looking at the internet usage patterns of North Korea's leaders. In July last year they found that the country's ruling elite were plugged into contemporary internet society, were technologically savvy, and had patterns of...

Variant of Mirai botnet used to target financial sector in January dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-04-05 16:36:15

Researchers at Recorded Future believe that a Mirai botnet variant, possibly linked to the IoTroop or Reaper botnet, was utilized in attacks on at least one company, and probably more, in the financial sector in late January of this year. The botnet targeted one company using at least 13,000 devices, each with a unique IP address, and generated traffic volumes up to 30Gb/s. Recorded Future's...

Netflix bug bounty program offers top rewards of $15,000 dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-03-21 20:10:06

As much as we'd like to think otherwise, no software is free of security issues. That's why it's important for tech companies to play an active role in finding and fixing as many bugs as possible before they're exploited. Implementing a bug bounty program can be very effective, as the product is exposed to various testing mindsets and approaches which can uncover some nasty surprises. Netflix,...

AMD admits to new batch of critical processor flaws and promises fixes dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-03-21 16:49:54

AMD has confirmed that some of its processors contain vulnerabilities after they were found by CTS Labs researchers. In all, 13 critical flaws were found, including RyzenFall, MasterKey, Fallout and Chimera. They affect a range of AMD products. The flaws are not dissimilar to the previous Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities, and CTS Labs gave AMD just 24 hours' notice before going public. The...

SAP CRM servers vulnerable to online attack dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-03-14 17:10:46

Researchers at cyber security platform ERPScan have disclosed details of two vulnerabilities that allow compromise of the widely used SAP CRM system. CRM is considered as a most critical asset by businesses. A data breach into CRM can be disastrous as it can destroy trust in the business and severely tarnish the brand as well as raising compliance issues. ERPScan made the disclosure at the...

Critical vulnerability found in Windows Remote Desktop Protocol dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-03-13 17:59:41

Researchers at threat prevention specialist Preempt have discovered a flaw in Credential Security Support Provider protocol (CredSSP), which is used by Remote Desktop and WinRM in their authentication processes. An attacker with man-in-the-middle control over the session could use this to gain the ability to remotely run code on the compromised server masquerading as a legitimate user. With remote...

Warning: Hackers can use Cortana to access a locked Windows 10 PC dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-03-07 18:54:36

Locking your PC is fundamental to preventing others from accessing it when you leave it unattended. But now security researchers have shown that it is possible to use none other than Windows 10's Cortana to bypass a password-protected lock screen. A pair of Israeli researchers found that it is possible to use voice commands to access a locked computer and install malware. See also: Microsoft is...

Cyber security in (big) numbers dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-02-16 16:17:49

We hear a lot about cyber attacks and the latest threats, but it can sometimes be hard to comprehend the scale of the problem. Network security company Bricata has produced an infographic that sets out some of the statistics to put things into context. These include the average cost of a breach, currently $7.35 million; the average CISO salary, $273,000, and venture capitalists investing $3.5...

Growth in Android ransomware slows, but it's getting sneakier dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-02-15 17:42:41

While Android ransomware is still growing, it's doing so at a slower rate than at its peak in 2016. However, it is using sneaky new techniques to trick users. New findings from researchers at ESET reveal techniques like the misuse of Android's Accessibility services being used to infect devices. The most popular attack technique though remains screen-locking followed by a ransom demand. The most...