Most popular travel sites have unsafe password practices dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2018-05-02 16:10:31

A new study of password and account security on 55 of the world's most popular travel-related sites reveals that 89 percent leave their users' accounts potentially exposed to hackers due to unsafe password practices. The research by password management company Dashlane tested each website on five critical password and account security criteria. A site received a point for each criterion it met,...

Poor USB security leaves enterprises at risk dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2017-12-12 15:37:53

Security polices for USB devices are frequently outdated and inadequate, and enterprises are often failing to monitor their use, according to a new survey. The study by encrypted drive specialist Apricorn reveals that while nine out of 10 employees rely on USB devices today, only 20 percent of them are using encryption on those devices. Eight out of 10 employees use non-encrypted USBs, such as...

Stuck for transport? Get to your destination with these 3 ride-hailing apps dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2017-12-07 21:18:29

Walk around any major city and you quickly lose the will to continue. Thanks to ride-hailing apps, you can now grab your smartphone and simply locate a ride from where you’re standing, without having to worry about public transport. Ride-hailing apps have certainly revolutionized how we navigate a city. Whilst between meetings in London recently, it dawned on me that I had minutes to get to my...

Lost time on conference calls costs businesses $34 billion a year dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2017-11-29 15:17:28

Business people waste an average of 15 minutes on each conference call they make simply getting started or dealing with distractions throughout the call. This wasted time costs US and UK businesses over $34 billion/£26 billion according to a new report. Online meeting company LoopUp surveyed 1000 professionals in the US and UK and finds the cost of wasted call time is up by 46 percent since 2015....

Are you ready for containers in your office? dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2017-11-28 20:45:17

It happened again. You were attending a conference, or meeting with industry peers and someone said it: "Containers." No, that person isn’t talking about a method to package or ship products -- they’re talking about software. For those coming away from these scenarios scratching their heads, it’s time you ask yourself, "What exactly is a container, and what do I need to know about it for my...

Get 'Smart Work -- How to Boost Your Productivity in 3 Easy Steps' ($10 value) FREE for a limited time dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2017-11-17 16:39:53

Are you drowning in constant emails, phone calls, paperwork, interruptions and meeting actions? Smart Work is the busy professional's guide to getting organized in the digital workplace You'll develop a simple and sustainable productivity system to organize your actions, manage your inputs and achieve your outcomes. SEE ALSO: Get 'Windows 10 for Enterprise Administrators' ($36 value) FREE for a...

New Kubernetes certification program helps deliver consistency in the cloud dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2017-11-13 19:12:17

Over the last three years open source container platform, Kubernetes has been adopted by a diverse community of providers including some of the biggest names in the cloud. Now the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is launching a Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification program, which ensures Certified Kubernetes products deliver consistency and portability. "The new Kubernetes Software...

Meeting objections: How enterprise CIOs can overcome doubts about Robotic Process Automation dans Informatique / Multimedia
BetaNews 2017-10-18 20:13:02

For years, there’s been talk of robots infiltrating the workforce and eliminating human jobs. Now, it’s finally happening, but not in the way that most people envisioned. Amazon has led the charge by using 45,000 robots at its shipping and distribution facilities, but soon consumers may also see more robots cruising the aisles of well-known brands like Lowe’s and Target. While the idea of...

Tired of the office? Microsoft builds treehouses for its employees - MarketWatch dans Informatique / Multimedia
Google News - Sci/Tech 2017-10-16 03:58:00

Tired of the office? Microsoft builds treehouses for its employees
There's no daydreaming about being outside at Microsoft Corp.'s new meeting spaces. You literally are in the great outdoors. Last week, Microsoft MSFT, +0.48% unveiled a network of treehouses on its Redmond, Wash., campus, as part of an effort to boost ...
Microsoft built a trio...

First look at Google Home Mini and Max - The Verge dans Informatique / Multimedia
Google News - Sci/Tech 2017-10-04 19:44:00

The Verge
First look at Google Home Mini and Max
The Verge
Not 10 minutes after Amazon's surprise announcement of new Echo devices last week, I walked into a small meeting room in Google's Mountain View headquarters to hear about the new Google Home Mini and Google Home Max. If there was ever a sign that ...
The Google Home Mini is Google's $49 answer to the Echo...